Huw Richards has been growing food in his family's garden for the last 17 years.  Huw's YouTube channel has hundred of thousands of followers - the most popular videos have more than 3 million views. 

A content commerce company reached out to us on behalf of Huw to craft an e-commerce website that speaks to his audience.  It needed to be warm, friendly, familiar, and a tool to drive sales. 



Listen. Be Creative. Get Strategic.
Our partnership started with understanding the client and his audience.  We watched his videos, conversed in Zoom meetings, and collaborated with the content commerce company to formulate a creative strategy.  The website is just that, a simple to use thoughtfully organized tool for gardeners to get the right products to help them grow vegetables and more at home.  

Huw in the garden


We designed and developed a custom Shopify e-commerce experience centered around the garden tailored to the desires of Huw's audience, home gardeners. The custom website is a funnel to drive YouTube subscribers into loyal customers.  It's also a vessel for rich video and blog content.   

Huw Richards Website Homepage
Huw Richards E-Commerce Product Page