Restore Public House was born from a passion for culinary arts and an opportunity to create a unique neighborhood space in the heart of La Crosse, WI. The restaurant and bar is a chef-driven establishment that aimed to pair the indulgent menu with an approachable atmosphere.

The owner, Augie Weber, had a vision of business casual area leaders elbowing up for a drink next to spandex-clad cyclists, trendy moms, tattooed artists, and so on. He wants everyone to feel welcome, like this is their place to relax and have a good time. When a client focuses on the “feeling,” we get pretty jazzed to get to work. Afterall, anyone can put up pictures of food on a website. But creating an atmosphere that comes to life on the web? Now that’s when the magic happens.


We knew the feeling we were going for was “approachable” above all else. But there’s a challenge in creating a website and strategy when the space is under construction and the menu is a work in progress. The online presence should align with the actual, physical experience of visiting the restaurant and bar. It shouldn’t be a surprise to walk in the place, rather a feeling of warmth, wonder and familiarity created from the online perception coming to life before your eyes.

socializing at Restore Public House


Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate.

Our partnership with RPH included a lot of collaboration and communication to make sure each element was in alignment with the physical atmosphere, while leading the art direction for the upcoming photo and video shoots once the space was ready for people. We nailed down digital aesthetics as interior samples were shared, sometimes as simple as a quick iPhone pic sent on the spot. They installed the new kitchen equipment; we worked the code on the backend. As RPH refined the menu, we refined animations and mobile optimization. Everything came together.

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Restore Public House Website
Restore Public House Website Homepage


We feel privileged to work with our local partners and business owners. There’s something uniquely enjoyable about pouring your own soul into a project that contributes to the success of a business you can visit or enjoy on any regular day.

bartender at Restore Public House