Use Video On Your Website, It’s The New Content King
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video content is king
01 08

The written word will always have its place, but the internet landscape has evolved and changed the way we think of information presentation.

Website users have come to expect an interactive experience, and videos deliver. Here’s how videos became king of content, and why you need to start incorporating them into your website now.


There was once a time when websites were simple and static. Lines of text, accompanied by basic graphics and illustrations, were the limit. But times have changed, and so has technology. Internet speeds now allow us to stream content with ease. Mobile technology enables us to decide when and where to view anything online.

Technological advancements may have facilitated the rise of videos, but they reign for one simple reason: they are the most engaging, captivating type of media.


You may have heard of a little company out there called YouTube – also known as one of the biggest search engines in the world. The appeal of videos is obvious. Text is one-dimensional. Videos are fully dimensional, powerful and humanizing. Text takes time to read. Videos instantly engage. Excellent text is shared, but a powerful video can go viral.


A fear that keeps some businesses from integrating video into their online presence is that videos don’t rank well as content. This is a proven misconception. Videos continue to surge onto the web, and people continue to click on them, for entertainment value and to learn. Search engine results reflect this growing trend. Type a question into a Google search engine box and one of your first results will likely be a demonstration or tutorial video. As long as people see videos as relevant, so will search engines.


Videos helps people understand methods, products and services far better than any written description or instructions. That alone helps drive sales. A video on your page means that more time is spent on that page, which lends that page extra value in the eyes of the viewer and makes him more likely to take interest in the other elements and features you have there. Videos serve multiple functions. They establish a human connection. They inform, demonstrate, promote, engage and provide you with a perfect audience building tool. At the end of the day, videos sell better than any other medium.

You need videos, for your web presence and for your online marketing strategies, to engage today’s consumers and to tell a story about your company and your products that truly resonates with your customer base.

Videos are your most powerful sales and communication tool. They can boost your site views, propel your social media marketing to new levels and increase your site’s relevance. Videos are the king of content, and great content not only sells, but is also crucial for the current and continued success of any business.

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Use Video On Your Website, It’s The New Content King