Keep tabs on your online reputation
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09 08

I once opened a fortune cookie at a trendy and slightly offbeat restaurant to read the following fortune: You Google yourself too much.

My close friends and family got a good laugh knowing just how often I Google various keywords pertaining to my business. And while we’re all concerned with where we rank in Google’s realm, another often overlooked yet highly important search-related topic pertains to your reputation. Your business reputation, not your abundance of embarrassing Facebook photos (that you should probably go through and delete now that your a grown up, ok?).

Remember that old visage, “a happy customer will tell 3 people, a dissatisfied customer will tell 10?” Ha! With Facebook, Trip Advisor, Angie’s List, Twitter and more, that unhappy customer has an opportunity to broadcast their dissatisfaction to a such wide audience that it makes your new billboard seem like you’re advertising in a cave. But what can be done?

An article on MarketingProfs, not only tells of the importance of a positive online image, but also provides some effective tools to monitor your reputation easily.

Go ahead: Google yourself.

Keep tabs on your online reputation