Get Your Online Weed / Hemp Biz Rollin': A Guide to Sellin' Bud Online
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Yo, cannabis entrepeneurs! The green revolution is in full swing, and with the magic of the internet, you can now dive into the world of online weed sales including cannabis, hemp, CBD and more.   But, hold up, my friend! Before you embark on this wild journey, it's essential to navigate the legal waters and keep it all chill and above board. In this far-out blog post, we'll blaze through the key steps and considerations to help you sell your beloved herb online while staying within the law.

  1. Scope Out the Legal Scene, Dude: Before you can light up your online business, you gotta understand the legal vibes in your area. Cannabis laws can be as varied as the strains in your stash. So, make sure you're well-versed in the regulations, licenses, and restrictions set by your local authorities. Stay on the right side of the law, and you'll be groovin' without any legal hassles.

  2. Grab the Right Licenses and Permits: If you wanna sell your sticky icky legally, you'll need to grab some official papers, man. Licenses and permits are like the VIP pass to the cannabis party. Get down with your local regulatory bodies and follow the proper steps to score those righteous authorizations. It's all about keeping it legit and spreading good vibes.

  3. Roll Up a Killer Website: When you're in the online biz, your website is like your flagship joint, man. Hire a web wizard who knows their stuff and can create a killer site that represents your brand vibes.  We recommend using a platform that is self hosted, like WordPress / WooCommerce, so you have control over the site.  A popular eCommerce platform is Shopify, BUT they have the keys so to speak, and can turn off any website they feel violates their terms without warning, so unfortunately they're not a solution we can get behind for this industry.  Make sure it's user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and packed with all the dope features like product descriptions, prices, and clear terms. Give your visitors an experience that'll blow their minds.

  4. Connect with Top-Notch Suppliers: To offer primo products, you gotta hook up with the best in the biz, man. Seek out licensed cultivators or manufacturers who are all about quality, quality, quality. They gotta meet all the legal requirements and have products that are properly labeled and tested for safety. Partner up with these groovy cats, and you'll have customers comin' back for more.

  5. Keep the Green Flowin': Secure Payment Processing, Man: Finding a reliable payment processor for your online cannabis biz can be like finding a righteous smoking buddy. Look for processors who specialize in the green game, bro. They'll keep your transactions smooth and secure, protecting you and your customers from any buzzkill. It's all about the green flow, my friend.

  6. Stay Compliant, Stay Safe: Compliance is like the guiding light in the cannabis cosmos, man. Follow the rules and stay in line with the law. Check IDs, keep records, follow packaging and labeling guidelines, and respect those shipping restrictions. And hey, make sure your packaging is discreet so that your customers can keep their buzz on the down-low. Safety first, man.

  7. Light Up Your Marketing Game: Marketing your cannabis biz requires some creativity, dude. Since there are restrictions on traditional advertising, you gotta find new ways to reach your audience. Optimize your site with SEO, share killer content, and blaze your way through social media. Just remember to stay up to date with local advertising regulations, so you don't harsh your mellow.

  8. Customer Love is Priority, Bro: Building a loyal customer base is like having a crew you can always pass the peace pipe to. Be there for your customers, answer their questions pronto, and be a knowledgeable bud when they need advice. Give 'em a positive experience, and they'll keep coming back for more of your good vibes. Encourage feedback, respond to reviews, and create a community that's all

We recently built a website for Coastal Clouds Hemp in WordPress WooCommerce they make and sell speciality gummies and vape devices.  

Need help?  We'll be happy to chat about your website needs.  We can also refer you to a cannabis specific lawyer to help you get all the legal details dialed.  

Get Your Online Weed / Hemp Biz Rollin': A Guide to Sellin' Bud Online