Does Blogging Really Matter?
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does blogging matter?
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In a word: yes. Blogging can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. Perhaps you’re a dedicated blogger and already know how much it has worked to increase traffic, qualified leads and boost sales.

Or it’s possible that you’re like a good many business owners who had good intentions of keeping your blog current, posted initially when your site (re)launched and then quickly forgot that you even have a blog. If you’re part of the latter group (or just curious), this post is for you.

You don’t have to take my word for it that blogging can make a huge difference in your bottom line because now there’s proof in the form of a nifty infographic, thanks to Neil Patel.

How Blogging Affects Your Bottom LineCourtesy of: Quick Sprout

That’s some powerful stuff! Now that you know it’s worth your time, set aside regular intervals throughout your week to get blogging! Here are a few quick tips to really get the most out of your blog posts:

  1. Write really great posts. It’s not as impactful to do quick <500 word posts on something super top-level in your industry or worthy of a Geico quip “everybody knows that.” Instead, hone in on industry-related topics that you know well and work up to 2000 word articles that serve as a great guide for your audience. These are the types of posts that get shared.
  2. Create a catchy titleWhile you don’t want to get so caught up in keywords that your title makes zero sense,  it would benefit you to think about how your audience searches in your industry and utilize commonly searched words in a similar phrase structure as one your audience might use on Google. Another consideration? People love numbers, such as 3 Quick Things or 5 Tips you Must Know. And finally, consider the benefit that the reader will receive by digesting your post and hone on this one great thing as the hook to get people reading.
  3. Enrich your content with valuable keywords. Again, don’t make keywords the focus, but be sure to utilize ones that add value to your posts and are relevant to your industry.
Great content makes a difference!
Does Blogging Really Matter?